Mark & Anita Cassidy (柯馬可夫婦)




另一個無關的一件大事,我們在週四派遣了我們的親人 Michelle、 Norm 和 Gracie(4個月大)到中國宣教。雖然我們很捨不得,卻也為他們感到驕傲。他們住的地方很冷沒有中央空調,所以他們在物色一台小型電熱器以保暖。

Mark & Anita

Dear Rev. Lim,

Thank you so very much for your kind letter and generous gift to us.

Here is prayer fuel. Please pray for the teams to come together. Lots of nibbles but still a long way to go. Things have been discouraging lately and we value you carrying our burdens with us in prayer.

Another unrelated major event was that we sent our loved Michelle and Norm and Gracie (4 months) off to China on Thursday. We are proud of them and feel the loss of being separated all at once. Their apt was cold (without central heating) so they are buying space heaters.

Mark & Anita